‘Raymond Jewels’ fined Rs 10 L for infringing on Raymond trademark


A Mumbai-based fabric maker has been asked by the Bombay High Court to pay a compensation of Rs 10 lakh for infringing on the trademark of the famous branded fabric and fashion retailer Raymond. The court also prohibited ‘Raymond Jewels’ from using the term ‘Raymond’ in its name and also forbade them from selling fabric under this label. (さらに…)

Toyota allows a retailer in Kazakhstan to use its trademark


As per reports from Tengrinews.kz, Toyota has finally allowed automobile spare parts retailers in Kazakhstan to use its trademark on the advertising banners and leaflets. Toyota is represented in Kazakhstan by BMF Group and they have uploaded the terms of use on their authorized website. (さらに…)

Damages worth Rs.337 cr demanded by SAIL for Trademark Infringement


The Steel Authority of India Ltd. (SAIL) has decided to demand an amount of Rs.337-crore as damages against a re-roller, which was found to be infringing on the brand names and trademark of SAIL. The guarantee from the agent, which is worth 6 crore rupees has also been waived. A legal notice has also been given. SAIL is making an assessment about this step, which not only injuries the company, but, more crucially, puts the public life in danger as some of the counterfeit products being used in leading projects. (さらに…)

Red Dripping-Wax Seal of Maker’s Mark Gets Trademark Protection


It was decreed by the 6th Circuit that the red dripping-wax seal that has been on the bottles of Maker’s Mark bourbon since the year 1958 is an “extremely strong” trademark and it deserves protection. (さらに…)

Nomex Trademark Dilution Case Won by DuPont


DuPont informed today that the District Court of The Hague in the Netherlands has pronounced the verdict against protective garment manufacturer, R.J.N. DALMEIJER BEHEERMAATSCHAPPIJ B.V., which is also conducts business with the name DAPRO SAFETY, and some of its trading partners in a trademark infringement case concerning the DuPont and Nomex trademarks. DuPont is actually the registered owner of the DuPont and Nomex trademarks, and they are the inventor of flame resistant Nomex brand fiber used in fire protective garments, and also in other applications. (さらに…)

A Fundamental Guide to Use Trademark Fairly


Trademark and intellectual property law can at times be very complicated, time-consuming, and costly to challenge in the court. With the rising number of intellectual property lawsuits being registered, as well as the increasing pace of new trademark, patent, and copyright registrations, small businesses must be more careful than before when it comes to registering a trademark successfully. (さらに…)

SAIL accuse Re-Rollers of Misusing its Trademark


Steel Authority of India (SAIL) has reportedly filed about five FIRs against Re-Rollers for reportedly putting its logo on their product and has begun exchanging their bank guarantees, besides claiming crores of rupees in compensation for misusing its brand name. Over the past year, SAIL has been getting information that counterfeit steel products bearing its trademark have swamped the markets across the country. These products mainly consist of TMT rebars and structural items and these products not only breaches provisions of the Trademark Act, 1999 but also pose a risk to the public. (さらに…)

Yamaha Trademarks R1S and R1M Names


The world famous Japanese bike maker Yamaha has applied for trademark for registration of a few bike codenames in Europe as well as in America. Yamaha has trademarked the names ‘YZF-R1M’ and ‘R1M’ in Europe and at the same time has trademarked the term “R1S” in America and Australia. This is because Yamaha trades the Yamaha YZF-R1 by the name of R1 in US and by the name YZF-R1 in Europe. This step by Yamaha could suggest that they are preparation to launch two new litre-class machines based on the company’s flagship motorcycle Yamaha R1. (さらに…)

Gonzaga Accuse Downtown Bar for Trademark Infringement


A federal lawsuit has been filed against a downtown bar by Gonzaga University asking them to refrain from using its logo and mascot in advertising. (さらに…)

NuVasive Loses Trademark Infringement Case


California federal jury on April 3, 2014, pronounced a verdict that was unfavourable to Medical device maker NuVasive, Inc. (NUVA), with regards to the companies’ use of the trade name “NeuroVision” for its nerve monitoring platform. The verdict implicates NuVasive to pay a compensation amount of $30 million in damages to NeuroVision Medical Products. This is actually the second time that NuVasive lost a trademark infringement case against NeuroVision Medical Products that erupted way back in September 2009. (さらに…)

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