Trademark Registration in Japan

Trademark Registration and Search in Japan

Trademark ensures that our brand name is not tampered at any point of time anywhere in the world. As per Article 1 of the Trademark Act, this act ensures that a certain brand is protected. J-star Patent & Trade mark office is one of the leading brand preservation Trademark attorney office that specializes in the field of trademark registration. In addition to Trademark registration, J-star Patent & Trade mark office also provides services such as trademark search, trademark renewal and also trademark transfer. Our client base is counting day by day, which includes individuals and small to large scale businesses that requires the protection of their brands throughout every industry in the World. All of our point-of-contact associates are proficient in English and Japanese languages. Our attorney relationships are based on the quality of their work and their success ratings so your trademark registration process is assured to me smooth and hassle free.

Fee Structure of Trademark Registration in Japan

Step1 Application Fee

This fee has to be paid before we apply if you desire to apply.

Segment Attorney Fee Revenue Stamp Fee Application Fee
1 400USD + 120USD = 520USD

step2 Registration Fee

The fees you need to pay after finished register completely.

Segment Fee Contingent on Success Official Registration Fee(10 Years) Total Registration Fee (10 Years)
1 300USD + 376USD = 676USD

Grand Total of Registration

Total fees if you could obtain your trademark.
[Application Filling Fee + Total Registration Fee]

Segment Total Application Fee Total Registration Fee ( 10 Years ) Grand Total of Registration
1 700USD + 496USD = 1196USD

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Segment Search Fee
1 300USD

Trademark Registration in Japan

 Patent Attorney:Hiroshi Oogai

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