Damages worth Rs.337 cr demanded by SAIL for Trademark Infringement

The Steel Authority of India Ltd. (SAIL) has decided to demand an amount of Rs.337-crore as damages against a re-roller, which was found to be infringing on the brand names and trademark of SAIL. The guarantee from the agent, which is worth 6 crore rupees has also been waived. A legal notice has also been given. SAIL is making an assessment about this step, which not only injuries the company, but, more crucially, puts the public life in danger as some of the counterfeit products being used in leading projects.

The company which were charged in the case were a Chhattisgarh-based company, which was found to be passing off some of its own products as that of SAIL’s after falsely branding them and another one was involved in a project for making a major flyover in Jammu & Kashmir using SAIL branded TMT bars from a local re-roller. An FIR has been filed against these companies by SAIL for using its brand without any test certificate.

The Central Marketing Organisation of SAIL has been receiving information about trademark infringements for the past 18 months regarding mostly construction steels such as TMT re-bars and structural such as beams, joists, angles and channels. So in order to stop this misuse, SAIL has started to take strict measures like replacing manual imprinting of trademarks with machinery and also placing its own officers at the premises of the conversion agents where RITES official would also maintain vigil.

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