Toyota allows a retailer in Kazakhstan to use its trademark

As per reports from, Toyota has finally allowed automobile spare parts retailers in Kazakhstan to use its trademark on the advertising banners and leaflets. Toyota is represented in Kazakhstan by BMF Group and they have uploaded the terms of use on their authorized website.

As per the latest news Toyota Motor Corporation will permit the use of the Toyota and Lexus trademarks for the purpose of advertisement in Kazakhstan, but they will have to comply with conditions like refraining from using the “Toyota” and “Lexus” words and logos from names of store, domain names of websites and company letterheads.

Toyota Motor Corporation also forbids the use of its trademarks to advertise spare parts bought from those retailer which are unofficial in the Customs Union. In addition to this, Toyota also told that the original Toyota and Lexus spare parts on the shelves should not the less than 33% to make the advertisement justifiable. Also, the advertisement should not be displayed in Toyota’s red colour.

Around 30 shops were closed down in November of 2013 in Kazakhstan following letters from Toyota Motor Corporation asking them to pay fines for illegitimate use of Toyota trademark, and threatening them with lawsuits if they did not follow the rule.

Zhanat Nurmaganbetov, the BMF Group lawyer told the entrepreneurs that they were not prohibited from acquiring the spare parts from authorized dealers or directly from Toyota Motor Corporation, and reselling them.

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