Gonzaga Accuse Downtown Bar for Trademark Infringement

A federal lawsuit has been filed against a downtown bar by Gonzaga University asking them to refrain from using its logo and mascot in advertising.

Those identified in the lawsuit include Pendleton Enterprises and Jamie Pendleton, proprietor of the Daiquiri Factory. The concern had attracted criticism for naming a drink “Date Grape Koolaid.” Owing to the objection that the drink belittled the seriousness of date rape along with boycotts and a complaint from Kool-Aid maker Kraft Foods, the bar changed the name to Grape #Q-Laid. Following that a new drink named Date Cherry Grape #Q-Laid was also added to menu.

A new drink by the name Bulldog Lemonade was also added to the menu, which used the bulldog logo of the university and a bulldog mascot wearing a Gonzaga University shirt. The lawsuit alleges that this action by the bar has led people to believe that the university is connected to the bar and has charged the bar with infringement on its trademark. In addition, the bar has also posted many pictures of its bulldog mascot on its Facebook page, which shows the mascot drinking the Bulldog Lemonade and posing with patrons.

The lawsuit alleges that the use of its logo and mascot is an intentional attempt on the part of the bar to cause confusion and/or the false impression of an affiliation, connection, association or other business/commercial relationship with Gonzaga University. The lawsuit have also charges that Pendleton’s activities have caused confusion and negative goodwill of the university in the community.

Pendleton did not for the message asking for a comment.

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