Process of Trademark Registration in Japan

Some procedures are needed to obtain a trademark registration and it can be changed by case.

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* Payment is divided into 3 types, search fee, application fees, and registration fees instead of no additional fee.
* You can choose apply or not, according to a result of trademark search.
* You don’t have to pay registration fee if your trademark registration fails.
* Application fee includes attorney fee and revenue stamp fee.
* Registration fee includes Success fee, Attorney fee and shipping fee.


Conntact us via phone or Email.



We will get back to you to collect the details(applicant name, address etc) regarding your brand to be registered and thereafter forward a quotation.


3.Request & Payment of Search fee

We will then search for trademark of your brand as soon as the search fee is remitted.


4.Trademark search & Report

We search for the feasibility of trademark registration of your brand in Japan. The search report will be provided after which you may decide whether to apply or not for trademark registration.


5.Payment of Application Fees

We will commence the procedure for application of trademark after you pay the application fee.


6.Sending of requirements

You will forward us the requisite data that needs to be submitted by us to patent office in Japan.



We will then apply for trademark of your brand on your behalf at the trademark office in Japan.



The application is then scrutinised to validate whether it fulfills the procedural and formal requirements.If any requirements are not satisfied such as missing documents or incomplete form fields, then the applicant will be invited to make necessary rectifications to his/her application.
The application is further scrutinised to ensure that it meets the substantive requirements as well, which are:
・Trademarks which does not help people differentiate the applicant’s product or service from those belonging to other similar parties.
・Trademarks which cannot be registered due to public interest or for the protection of private interests.



If your application appears to be unhealthy as it fails to meet the requirements, the patent examines will notify us about the reasons for refusal.



We respond to patent examiner to resolve the refusal, or to register your trademark by argument of amendments.



As soon as the registration process proceeds the registration of trademark will take place and the rights of trademark will come into effect.


12.Notification of trademark application

After patent office notifies us of the registration completion, we will remit the fee for registration with in 30 says of notification.
We proceed with your trademark registration in 30 days after completing registration. After that we notice you succeeded to register.


13.Payment of Registration Fees.

Please pay fee for Registration after finishing all procedures. It includes Fees Contingent on Success and official Registration Fees. You can obtain the certification of your trademark after payment.


14.Shippment of Certification

The shippment of your certificate of trademark registration takes place as soon as all payments are cleared and confirmed.



Finally you received the certification of trademark rights of your brand.

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