Yamaha Trademarks R1S and R1M Names

The world famous Japanese bike maker Yamaha has applied for trademark for registration of a few bike codenames in Europe as well as in America. Yamaha has trademarked the names ‘YZF-R1M’ and ‘R1M’ in Europe and at the same time has trademarked the term “R1S” in America and Australia. This is because Yamaha trades the Yamaha YZF-R1 by the name of R1 in US and by the name YZF-R1 in Europe. This step by Yamaha could suggest that they are preparation to launch two new litre-class machines based on the company’s flagship motorcycle Yamaha R1.

It is expected that the ‘R1S’ version is actually a sportier version of the current Yamaha R1, whereas the Yamaha ‘R1M’ is likely to be inspired by the MotoGP DNA. Honda had recently taken the first step in this direction with the introduction of its new motorcycle the CBR1000RR SP. As per reports, Honda has already registered for the trademarks this January and will most probably launch these new motorcycles in a few months.

It is also expected that Yamaha will most probably introduce an upgraded version of its flagship bike the RI in order to boost its sales. The new upgraded version of the R1 is expected to be more technologically advanced that the current version with improved suspension and electronics. However, there is a news going around that Yamaha is developing an altogether new version of R1, and therefore it needs to be seen whether Yamaha will bring an all new R1 or will launch the tweaked version of the current Yamaha R1.

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