Nomex Trademark Dilution Case Won by DuPont

DuPont informed today that the District Court of The Hague in the Netherlands has pronounced the verdict against protective garment manufacturer, R.J.N. DALMEIJER BEHEERMAATSCHAPPIJ B.V., which is also conducts business with the name DAPRO SAFETY, and some of its trading partners in a trademark infringement case concerning the DuPont and Nomex trademarks. DuPont is actually the registered owner of the DuPont and Nomex trademarks, and they are the inventor of flame resistant Nomex brand fiber used in fire protective garments, and also in other applications.

The court ordered in its ruling DAPRO SAFETY to stop all delusional use of the Nomex trademark in The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg; the DuPont trademark in the European Union; and the DuPont Nomex trademark in India and the United Arab Emirates, where the defendants are actively trying sell counterfeit protective garments to end users, and as a result putting the purchasers at possible risk. The Court also ordered DAPRO to destroy the infringing products still in its stock and to pay compensation and damages, of which calculation is still pending. This ruling follows a similar judgment regarding a counterfeiting case by a Court in Malaysia.

Marc Doyle, the president of DuPont Protection Technologies said in a statement that DuPont is determined in defending its global trademarks and that that they are happy with the decision of the Court. He also said that this order of the Court should be viewed as a warning to companies that misrepresent their products as the safety of those who rely on these goods are also at stake.

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