Trademark Row over the term ‘Alamo’ between 2 Breweries in Texas

Alamo Beer Co. LLC which is craft beer company based in Texas has sued Old 300 Brewing LLC in the federal court of Texas on Friday for infringement of its trademark and unfair competition concerning the use of a silhouette of the historic San Antonio landmark.

The plaintiff, Alamo Beer Co. LLC, is desiring a temporary and permanent injunction over the use of the Alamo silhouette by Old 300, which is based in Rosenberg, Texas, and doing business as Texian Brewing Co. — as well as the cancellation of Texian’s trademark application.

As per the complaint, the San Antonio-based Alamo Beer has been using the silhouette since November of 1997, when the company launched its Alamo beer, and has holds the trademark right to use it on its beer. Records from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office advocates that the trademark, U.S. Serial No. 74607465, was first allowed in January 1998. The suit also accuse the defendant of causing undue confusion and capitalizes on Alamo Beer’s name and reputation.

Alamo Beer said that it tried to resolve the fight out of court via an email to Texian on May 2013 about the provoking logo; however, they say that Texian failed to respond and instead filed a trademark application for the disputed design.

A request for commend was not responded immediately by the representatives of Texian.

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