Trademark protection for handheld saliva drug test devices expanded by Sun Biomedical

After renewing the trademark protection for its Oraline handheld saliva drug testing devices in US until 2023, Sun Biomedical is extending trademark protection to its saliva drug testing devices in several selected markets.

As of late, Sun Biomedical has filed application for registration for trademark in countries like Canada, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand. The reason these countries have been preferred is largely due to drug enforcement and regulatory climates changing in favour of saliva drug testing.

Last month, a Memorandum of Understanding was entered between Sun and LumiQuick Diagnostics of California and its sister company, Xiamen Boson Biotech of China. As per the MoU, both parties will negotiate the development and commercialisation of the Oraline drug test family. The new agreement also allows both parties to cross license their products and technologies in the future. The proposal also says that both, LumiQuick and Boson will develop saliva test strips compatible with Sun Biomedical’s devices and also with its future products.

The decision by Sun to expand their trademark protection over Oraline demonstrates the confidence of Sun over the potential of the product. The current capital investment of Sun Biomedical is estimated to be roughly under $4 million.

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