Trademark Piracy irritates Samaki Samaki Restaurant in Tanzania

The Tanzanian local restaurant chain, Samaki Samaki has welcomed those who are interested in becoming a franchise with them instead of using their trademark to tarnish their image.

While speaking to journalists, Mr Hans Kassim , one of the directors, said that they have been receiving a lot of complaints from different parts of the country where the restaurant have no branches or representation.  He explained, “”We would like the public to know that we currently have two restaurants, at Mlimani City and City centre and we are planning to open another one in Masaki and next year we will have a presence in Mwanza, where the biggest shopping mall in East Africa will be opened.”

 Mr. Kassim said that he understood the acknowledgment of the restaurant chain, which has been in existence for almost seven years, but were against people using their name and misleading the public about the quality and standards that go with goodwill of the restaurant.  He said that the health and welfare of the community was the primary concern of the franchise and that they didn’t want to be blamed for something that they are not responsible for.

 Ms Neema Mtemvu, the Public Relations Officer, of Samaki Samaki, said at the moment the restaurant is not planning to take any legal action against defaulters and is preferring on educating the people on the importance of trademarks and the importance of having it.  “Going to the court will be our last option. We are willing to provide advice to anyone interested to start his or her own business and even willing to come into contract with anyone who wants to open a Samaki Samaki restaurant,” she said.

 Ms Mtemvu also said that there is evidence in surveys conducted in Dar es Salaam and other parts of country that their loyal customers think that their standards are going down, which is very concerning for the restaurant.

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