Trademark infringement case filed agaist

A lawsuit was filed by POS Geeks LLC on March 17 in the Houston Division of the U.S. Court for the Southern District of Texas against CS Merchant Services LLC for alleged trademark infringement. POS Geeks LLC is charging CS Merchant Services LLC of doing business with the name The case registered against the company accuse them of false designation of origin and unfair competition, common law trademark infringement and state law unfair competition and dilution.

As per the complaint, The POS Geeks had trademarked the term for its software distribution company, but CS Merchant has created the copycat name My POS Geeks and had wrongfully made profit from this unlawful violation. The POS Geeks also complaints that they had issued a cease and desist order to CS Merchant, but they did not comply with the order. The plaintiff also blamed the defendant that the violation has caused confusion among its customers.

The POS Geeks is desiring more than $75,000 in compensation from CS Merchant Services LLC and they are also seeking to restrain the defendant from using the copycat term in the future.

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