Trademark for the term ‘Overwatch’ filed by Blizzard

Flying high on the triumph of the small Hearthstone team Blizzard seems to be working on another game title by the name of ‘Overwatch’. There are currently no details on what the new game could be about other than what has appeared in the trademark filing.

Based on the information that we can get from the name of the game, which is the only thing available at present, we could speculate that this game is a part of some sort of a military themed title, most likely a third person or a first person action. This would probably be beyond Blizzard’s usual offerings, if not it was established in one of their existing universes such as StarCraft.

Another thing that is worth pointing out, though it may not be related to any of these is that there is a job posting for the role of a lead produced up on Blizzard’s site which comes with the usual job posting blurb of ”We can’t tell you exactly what the game is yet, but trust us, it’s awesome”.

However, with the introduction of smaller teams inside Blizzard following the success of Hearthstone, it is possible that they may just astonish us with something new.

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