Trademark for ‘Shinra Company’ registered by Square Enix

In the game Final Fantasy VII, Shinra is a basically a power company supplying Mako energy to the world – it is also notorious for working on genetic engineering and space exploration. In the game, the company combines that use of its strong military power (with a group of SOLDIERS) with its monopoly of Mako energy, to control the people of the world.

The reason for registering the term as trademark is not known, but Siliconera reports that has been specifically registered “for use in video games”. With more than 10 million copies of the game sold all over the world since its initial release in 1997, the Final Fantasy VII does not need any explanation. It has also developed a number of games in the series including Crisis Core, Dirge Of Cerberus and the Advent Children movie.

The game was ultimately released on Steam last July, more than two years after it was originally rumoured to be coming to the service. In our Final Fantasy VII review way back in the day, we said: “There is not a lot you can say about Final Fantasy VII apart from you must own this game.”

Trademark Registration in Japan

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