The Term CB300F Trademarked by Honda

As per reports from sources, yet another small-displacement bike has been registered as a trademark, however, this time it is from Honda and the name CB300F has been registered with the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market (OHIM), the European Union trademark and designs office. Except for the sketches, no other information on the bike is presently available. Another thing is that even though manufactures often seek to protect their new products by registering different trademarks for their names, such moves can never be taken as 100% warranty for realization of a specific motorcycle.

Anyway we still have reasons to believe that Honda is thinking about the most intelligent move in the small-displacement segment, especially as the expected CBR300R has been delayed with no official reasons and nobody seems to know anything about the fate of the bike, except for Honda themselves. Rumour has it that Honda might be considering between the 250cc engines and the 286cc engines.

As far as what could be made out of the photo, the registered bike is a single-cylinder machine, and this induction of the bike could hind that the Honda is planning to phase out the CBR250R machine.

Whatever be the case, it looks as if the Japanese manufacturer plans to offer a faired or at least a semi-faired version for almost any displacement niche. At this moment it’s hard to tell which bike will be sold at which place, and we might even see Honda building both and shipping them to various markets. And this could also be a good thing, as it will bring more competition to the segment, forcing manufacturers to make better bikes for more affordable prices. This will means that the customers will get better bikes at more affordable price.

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