Sweet shop owner arrested for Trademark violation

In accordance with a complaint filed by Swagruha Foods, a Vijayawada-based sweet shop, Jasti Kishore, owner of Hyderabad-based Abhiruchi Swagruha Foods was arrested for allegedly breaching the Trademark and Copyright Act.  Jasti Kishore was arrested by the Suryaraopeta police on Wednesday last.

Swagruha Foods Managing Director Ch. Madhubabu, said that his firm had registered the trademark and copyright for the preparation and sale of sweets and savouries was done back in the year 1992.

In 2005, Abhiruchi Swagruha Foods, based in Hyderabad registered using the same trademark and copyright, which was a clear violation of the Act. “We are the sole owner of the trademark and copyright under the sweets and savouries category and we have got two branches in Vijayawada and one at Guntur. Using the same trademark and copyright, the Hyderabad-based firm launched four branches in the capital city,” said Mr. Madhubabu. Jasti Kishore was arrested on Wednesday and brought from Hyderabad on the same day.

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