Shop owner forced rename his shop after trouble over trademark

Representatives for Lakeland, a shop based in Erneside Shopping Centre asked Martin Cheshire of Lakeland House and Home on High Street that the name of his store was an “infringement” on their client’s trademark.

Mr Cheshire was conveyed in a letter from W.P Thompson, Patent and Trademark Attorneys, that the name of his store ‘Lakeland’ has as a matter of fact been registered by the UK home store in Britain and the European Union for “retail services connected with the sale of home ware, kitchenware, household and food stuffs.”  The letter also said that their clients has registered Lakeland as a trademark for a significant range of the above referenced goods, which granted their client the exclusive right to use Lakeland as a trademark in the UK for retail services connected with the aforesaid goods.

“There is a high degree of similarity between Lakeland and Lakeland House and Home and an equally high degree of similarity between the nature of the retail services being offered by both parties.”, the letter reportedly said.

Mr Cheshire had two weeks to confirm that he would cease using the ‘Lakeland’ name on his shop.  Mr. Cheshire has other business interest in the county.

W.P Thompson also requested that they needed written confirmation from Mr. Cheshire that the term ‘Lakeland’ or any term incorporating it had been removed and to destroy any such materials.

While speaking to ‘The Impartial Reporter’, Mr Cheshire said that he was not dependent of anyone and was not in any way looking to trade off the back of anybody.  He also said that he used the term Lakeland House and Home because the name was similar to the area that he had lived in for 50 years.

Mr. Cheshire has now planning to change the name of his shop to ‘Lakeside’.

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