Schlafly Beer’s Trademark Bid Opposed by Conservative Activist

Phyllis Schlafly, conservative activist tells that she does not want to be the part of a federal trademark filed by her nephew for his craft beer company.

Schlafly beer is brewed in downtown St. Louis and is situated in suburban Maplewood and is near the St. Louis Brewery Co. Tom Schlafly, the co-founder of the brewery is also the nephew of Phyllis Schlafly through marriage.

According to reports from St. Louis Post-Dispatch, the lawyers have failed to reach an amicable settlement in the case since Phyllis Schlafly has filed a notice of opposition in September 2012 to the company’s federal trademark application.

Phyllis Schlafly is an eminent political figure known best for her efforts to defeat the Equal Rights Amendment four decades ago. Her opposition files against the trademark says that the Schlafly name is recognized for promoting conservative values, including abstinence from alcohol.

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