San Antonio Winery Wins Trademark Infringement Case

San Antonio Winery Inc. today informed that an injunction by the court was granted yesterday prohibiting global giant, Constellation Brands, from selling its “Rosatello” wine with the specific packaging that San Antonio claims is too similar to its popular “Stella Rosa” product line. This verdict by Judge Kronstadt of the U.S. Central District of California allows the Los Angeles-based winery’s goal to protect the brand image of its “Stella Rosa” trademark.

San Antonio Winery Inc. is an award-winning family run winery based in Los Angeles, California. The winery was actually founded in 1917, by the Riboli family and have maintained a major presence in the greater Los Angeles communities and the wine industry community for more than 95 years. The huge success of the company is mainly based on its grass-roots approach to business and endless dedication by the Riboli Family. The winery’s existence even today is greatly because of the family’s mutual respect and close relationships with local communities.

The complaint against Constellation Brands was first filed by San Antonio Winery on August 30, 2013. The complaint claimed that Constellation’s “Rosatello” line infringed “Stella Rosa’s” products and caused confusion among the customer regarding the brand. In a major break-through for San Antonio Winery in the case, the court issued an order on March 11 banning Constellation’s use of the complained-of labels on its fizzy, low alcohol, sweet wine product.

Anthony Riboli of San Antonio Winery said that they are pleased that the court has issued an injunction order to protect the Stella Rosa trademark. He also added, “As an historic family owned and family run winery, it is imperative that we maintain the integrity of our products and traditions, and we are hopeful that our brand reputation will continue to be upheld by the law.”

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