Prices of Trademark Registration in Japan

Trademark Firm has very competitive fees for searching, filing, renewing or transferring trademark rights. The fee breakdown for different segments are included below.

Step1 Application fee

Application fee is included Attorney fee and Revenue Stamp fee.
The fee of Application have to be paid when we apply.

Segment Attorney Fee Revenue Stamp Fee Application Fee
1 400USD + 120USD = 520USD
2 600USD + 206USD = 806USD
3 800USD + 292USD = 1,092USD
4 1,000USD + 378USD = 1,378USD
5 1,200USD + 464USD = 1,664USD

Step2 Registration Fee

Total Registration Fee depend on the type, and both of them include Fee Contingent on Success and official Registration Fee.
This fee have to be paid for us after registration has succeeded.

segment Attorney fee Official Registration Fee(10 Years) Total Registration Fee (10 Years)
1 300USD + 376USD = 676USD
2 500USD + 752USD = 1,252USD
3 700USD + 1,128USD = 1,828USD
4 900USD + 1,504USD = 2,404USD
5 1,100USD + 1,880USD = 2,980USD

Grand Total of Registration

Grand Total of Registration include Total Filling Fee and Total Registration Fee.

Segment Grand Total
1 1,196USD
2 2,058USD
3 2,920USD
4 3,782USD
5 4,644USD

Option Menu: Fee of Trademark Search in Japan

We are willing to accept Search request whether available to use your Trademark or not, even without registration.
The fee of Search have to be paid when we search.

Segment Search Fee
1 300USD
2 400USD
3 500USD
4 600USD
5 700USD

Fees of Trademark Renewal in Japan

If your trademark is about to expire, don’t worry, we provide a unique solution by renewing your trademark at a reasonable price. The trademark renewal charges are as given below.

Segment Renewal commission Official Registration Fee Total Renewal Fee
1 200USD + 376USD = 576USD
2 200USD + 752USD = 952USD
3 200USD + 1,128USD = 1,328USD
4 200USD + 1,504USD = 1,704USD
5 200USD + 1,880USD = 2,080USD


You need to pay the below fee, if third party opposed to your trademark registration.

Time Attorney fee
1 500USD

Trademark Registration Office in Japan

 Patent Attorney:Hiroshi Oogai

 Address:304 BUREX Hirakawacho 1-5-15, Hirakawa-cho,

       Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan


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