Perrysburg business raided by Police for alleged violation of trademark

A search warrant was carried out by several law enforcement agencies at Glow Industries, located in the 12000 block of Eckel Junction Road. The operation was conducted on Tuesday morning. The company is basically a distributor of tobacco based constituents like pipes, vapour machines and hookahs. One of their products, which they were selling, known as “stash cans,” were the reason for the problem.

A stash can is nothing but a Coke can with a removable false bottom allowing the owner of can to conceal things inside. Officials who conducted the search says that it is the labels on the cans that they are concerned with. As per the Ohio attorney general’s office, the problem is that the business did not have the license to sell certain images or labels on cans, and thus it naturally comes under the counterfeit trademarking violation.

More than one organizations were involved in the raid conducted on Tuesday morning, and included BCI, Perrysburg Police, the Wood County Sheriff, the DEA, Wood County authorities, the Ohio Pharmacy Board, and the Fairfield-Hocking Major Crimes Unit. As of now it is unclear as to what legal changes will be faced by the business.

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