Nike Charged With Infringement On ‘Finish Strong’ Trademark

A suit was filed against Nike a sports products company in the Illinois federal court on Monday stating that the retailer is improperly using its “finish strong” mark to sell T-shirts and running clothes.

Finish Strong LLC, an Illinois-based sports products company accuses Nike of infringing on its trademark by using the phrases “finish strong” and “finish strong running collection” in order to sell shoes, T-shirts, shorts and jackets on its website. The company also accuse that Nike is breaching its rights by selling women’s T-shirts with the phrase “start strong, finish stronger” printed on them.

The complaint by Finish Strong LLC read, “Nike unlawfully manufactured, marketed and sold the foregoing products bearing the ‘finish strong’ trademark with full knowledge of Finish Strong LLC’s rights in the name.” The complaint also charged Nike of improperly appropriating a brand that it does not own.

Finish Strong also alleges that Nike continued to manufacture the accused products even after informing Nike of its trademark infringement and terms this action by Nike as “blatant disregard” for its rights.

In addition to the sportswear, Finish Strong also sells nutrition products and sports books. They say that it acquired the “finish strong” trademark from an earlier company, which acquired the rights to the phrase in 1998.

Finish Strong also accused Nike of creating marketplace confusion with its “finish strong” products, and is seeking heavy damages from Nike over profits derived from selling products associated with its trademark. However, no immediately responds to comments were available from representatives for Nike and Finish Strong.

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