Kobe Bryant Might Lose ‘Black Mamba’ Brand, As Floyd Mayweather’s Uncle File the Name for Trademark

Kobe Bryant, Los Angeles Lakers superstar, might probably lose the right to use the nickname ‘Black Mamba’ on his brand, as former boxing contender and trainer Roger Mayweather filed an application to trademark the name in an attempt to give him the monopoly for the mark.

As per reports from TMZ the application filed by Roger Mayweather is in the final state of locking the trademark name, which in turn will prevent other athletes – including the Lakers star – from using the same. The site also reports that Roger Mayweather – a former boxing champ turned trainer, has applied to USPTO for trademarking the name “Roger ‘Black Mamba’ Mayweather”.

Mayweather, who formerly trained pound-for-pound champ Floyd Mayweather Jr., claimed that he has been using the Black Mamba trademark ever since he was fighting. He also emphasized that he got the name after watching a TV program about reptiles.

However, no steps have been taken by Bryant’s camp to trademark the ‘Black Mamba’ brand though there were applications for condom brands, carbonated drinks, male enhancement products, spinal implants, cigars and many more.

Losing the trademark to Mayweather could be disastrous for Kobe’s representative and could cost them millions of dollars since Kobe’s Black Mamba logo has been all over his products, including the Kobe system shoes and apparels. In fact, a recently posted video by Bryant shows different products with his Mamba logo on it. One of such product is Kobe Beef, which is perhaps the most expensive kind of beef in the world.

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