How can I search Trademark Database in Japan?


This is the main page to check for the availability of your intended trademark.

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This step contains searching for the name which you wish to have. Here you will have to search for your desired trademark in the first column and then click “Search”.

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The number of existing results of the trademark name which you wish to have is shown in the new window. Click “INDEX” to know of similar name in different trademark categories.

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This window shows the register number of firms with similar name in different trademark categories. Clicking on any of the ‘register number’ will show the trademark registration details of the company for which they are registered.

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The following page appears after clicking the register number. It shows the logo and/or trademark term on the right-hand side and the details of the registration like registration number, registration date, application number, application date, trademark standard characters, references, trademark classifications, holder name, standard characters in the name, transliteration of the word in the local language, similar group codes, law applied for registration, edition of international calcification, number of classes, services provided etc.

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