Google’s attempt to trademark the term ‘Glass’ denied by USPTO

As per recent report from Wall Street Journal (WSJ), tech giant Google is obviously having difficulty for getting trademark for the word ‘Glass’ to be approved by the U. S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

According to the report, the USPTO has denied Google’s application for trademark of the word ‘Glass’ on the basis that the word is ‘merely descriptive’ in nature. As Google has already trademarked ‘Google Glass,’ the USPTO said in its letter to the company – about the denial of the ‘Glass’ trademark – that the Google Glass device is made out of glass, along with other materials. In addition to this, the USPTO is of the impression that trademark for ‘Glass’ will likely cause customer confusion, especially since there are several pending application for trademarking the name ‘Glass’, and similar products – such as the Microsoft SmartGlass – which also contain the word Glass in their names.

However, the decision of the US Patent and Trademark Office has been challenged by Google. In order to persuade the USPTO officials, the company’s trademark attorneys – Anne Peck and Katie Krajeck from Cooley LLP – have provided a 1,928-page letter explaining Google’s case in which almost 1900 of the letter only explained the Google Glass device.

The reports from Wall Street Journal says that “the attorneys disputed that Google’s proposed trademark would confuse consumers, especially given how much media and policy attention the Glass device has received in the last couple of years.”

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