Google trying to trademark the word ‘Glass’

The word “Glass” may soon be trademarked by Google. In an attempt to curtail any duplicating of its computer-enabled eyeglass, the tech giant, Google has been attempting to trademark the term “Glass” when written in a particular style of Google’s marketing logo font, according to The Wall Street Journal.

According to the Journal, even though the US Patent and Trademark Office permitted for the trademark of “Google Glass,” it is worried about trademarking a generic term like “Glass”. In a letter sent to Google last September, the Trademark Office explained that the word “Glass” cannot be trademarked as it is a descriptive generic word and also said that its petition for trademark request was similar to other existing or pending trademarks that use “Glass.”

Google has, however, responded with a 1,928-page letter elaborating that its Glass wearable is well-known and for that reason it could be distinctive among the other “Glass” trademarks. In addition to this, they also argued that “Glass” isn’t really a Glass descriptor as the device does not actually have any glass in it. Google also explained that the word ‘Glass’ solely does not “inform potential consumers as to the nature, function or use” of the device.

Before Google, many companies including Facebook, Instagram, Apple, etc. have earlier attempted to trademark a generic term linked with a name of one of its products.

On being contacted by CNET, a spokesperson of Google said that like other business, Google will also take necessary steps to defend and registers it trademark. However, it is unclear whether the Trademark Office will share Google’s viewpoint and allow for the “Glass” trademark.

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