Gamemakers protest over the move to trademark ‘Candy’ by

Criticizing’s move for trademarking the word ‘Candy’, gamemakers have joined together to mount a protest called ‘Candy Jam’.  This protest has been organized by the Candy Jam website, with the idea that a number of developers will build games with name ‘Candy’ to fight against King’s newly won trademark petition.

The infuriated game developers are now producing lots of different games that use the word “candy” in their title.  BBC reported that more than 100 games have been developed by these developers so far.  Though the game title with ‘Candy’ are being developed, these developers are making use of alternate names such as “CanD”, “CanDieCanDieCanDie”, “ThisGameIsNotAboutCandy”, and many more in order to protect themselves from potential lawsuits problems from King.

The webpage from Candy Jam said that the protest was in response to a defensive action of to protect its trademark, where it had asked an independent gamemaker to stop using the word in the title for his game.  The webpage also accused of being a “bully” and said that the issue had now become one of “freedom and creativity”.

The protesters have also developed games that also title the word “saga”, which was trying trademark recently.

Candy Fight Saga, Candy Growth, Candy Cruiser Planetary Rescue Saga and Super Candy Handy Mandy Saga are some of the games titles that have already been spotted on the webpage.


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