What is the procedures for obtaining a trademark right? / What do I need to do to obtain trademark registration?

Japan has a substantive examination system for trademark registrations. The first step for obtaining a trademark right is to file an application for trademark registration at the Japanese Patent Office, and identifying the trademark and the designated goods/services. Before this, we suggest you request a Trademark Comprehensive Study so you know the chances of registering your trademark successfully.

If a trademark application does not satisfy the requirements of the trademark registration, such as distinctiveness, first to file rule, the application will not be registered. This is the reason why, we suggest that a search be conducted before filing an application to determine whether there are any prior trademark registrations that are similar to or identical with your trademark.

If all the requirements as per the Japanese Patent Office are met, your trademark will be accepted for registration. You will be notified about the same and you will be requested to order a Registration Certificate. If an attorney is doing the process for you, he will perform the final tasks in order to obtain the registration certificate and forward you the same. Please notice that in some countries the Registration Certificate service does not have a cost.

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