What are the marks to be avoided when choosing a Trademark or Service Mark?

Descriptive – Descriptive marks are marks that describe the goods or services that are associated with it. Descriptive marks are generally not registrable. However, descriptive marks can be registered if you can show its secondary meaning.

Generic – Generic words are the common words used to describe an entire class of goods or services. These words cannot be considered to serve as an indication of the source of goods or services and should be avoided as a potential mark while choosing.

Geographically Misdescriptive or Deceptively Misdescriptive Marks – These types of marks cannot be registered without showing of secondary meaning.

Scandalous or Immoral Marks – These are marks that offend the moral sense or conscience.

Surnames – surnames will not be registered without showing its secondary meaning.

Deceptive marks – deceptive marks are not registrable.

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