Can I pay my registration or renewal fees in instalments?

Yes, there is a provision for paying the registration fee in instalments. The fee can be paid in 2 instalments, one for the first five years and the next for the last five years. However, in the case of paying the fee in instalments the amount of the registration fee for 10 years ends up being higher than if it were paid all at once. So, in the case of the registration fee being paid in instalments, the fee for the first five years must be paid within 30 days from the date on which a certified copy of an examiner’s decision stating that the trademark can be registered has been sent. The registration fee for the remaining five years should be paid before five years from the day on which the trademark was registered.

As in the case of paying the registration fee, the renewal fee can be paid in two installments. The time period for paying the fee is also the same, i.e., one for the first five years and the second for the remaining five years. In this case also, the renewal fee ends up being higher if paid over installments than paid all at once.

Please also note that the Japan Patent Office does not accept any payments directly from applicants/persons residing outside Japan, including payments by transfers from bank, credit cards, or checks. Such payment should be made by an appointed representative who is residing or is domiciled in Japan such as a patent attorney.

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