Darlington based Burnt Zebra rebrands after losing trademark dilution case

Entrepreneurship related to creativity and technology is turning out to be more and more popular in the North East of England. Organisations such as Ignite100 and Search Camp are reaching new heights by the day and assisting to set up and develop a wide range of companies. With these type of developments in the area, it is no wonder that many new companies are coming up within the sector.

Burnt Zebra Digital Limited is one of the latest companies to have been set up in the region. This company is basically a digital growth agency which help clients in a wide range of sectors accomplish their online marketing ambitions. Unfortunately for them, their strikingly unconventional name rapidly popular around Newcastle and Middlesbrough and landed them in a potential law suit from a rival firm.

Zebra Internet Services based in Newcastle had applied for and received a trademark for the word ‘Zebra’ and were unimpressed with Burnt Zebra who are not only viable for a class 1 trademark infringement, but were located several miles down the road in Darlington.

“At first we we’re quite shocked to have received the initial email from Zebra Internet Services,” tells Shaun Hogg, who is the Director of STRIPE4. He explained that after some internal discussions and some negotiations they decided that it would be best to rebrand the company.

After rebranding STRIPE4 are now eager to inform the public that the company remains fully operational and will continue to renter the same type of service that it always has. Shaun also reiterated that the rebranding was ‘purely cosmetic’ and there has been no internal changes or any plans to change with regards to the services they provide.

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