Cosmetics firm’s BBC trademark registration cancelled by Russian patent service

The Russian Federal Service for Intellectual Property, Patents and Trademarks (Rospatent) said in a statement that it has allowed the application of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) to cancel the registration of the BBC trademark of Britain BBC International Cosmetics, Ltd.

Britain BBC International Cosmetics, Ltd., which was incorporated in Hong Kong in October 2008 had its trademark, BBC, registered under the third class (perfumery, essential oils, cosmetics, hair lotions) of the Nice Classification of goods and services.

The main visual similarity that is charged by the British Broadcasting Corporation is its logo known as “the BBC blocks,” which is depicted by letters BBC in three tetragons, mostly in black and white. BBC argues that the existence of two similar logos used by two different companies is confusing and can form incorrect ideas about the manufacturer of the cosmetics goods, the statement reads.

According to the plaintiff the Britain BBC International Cosmetics, Ltd. is purposefully trying to mislead consumers because it says that its products are made by ВВС (Britain). BBC also said that its logo is exceedingly similar to its own registered trademark.

As per a poll carried out by Russia’s VTsIOM public opinion research center, 46.7% respondents associate the ВВС acronym with a TV channel, while 56% of respondents think that BBC cosmetics are made by the British Broadcasting Corporation, and 60.5% think these products are made with the approval of the plaintiff.

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