Bridgestone succeed in a lawsuit against trademark infringement

Bridgestone Corp. has announced a triumph in a trademark infringement lawsuit against two Chinese tire makers.

The Guangdong Higher People’s Court rejected the appeal by Momentum Star Tyre Co. and its affiliate Hangzhou Hangyou Rubber Products Co. Ltd. in December 2013 of a lower court decision to apportion an unstated amount of damages to Bridgestone, Bridgestone said in a January 24 press release.

A lawsuit against Momentum and Hangyou was filed by Bridgestone in October 2010. According to Bridgestone, the Chinese companies violated its trademark by manufacturing and selling tires bearing a “BESTTONE” logo.

The Chinese court has observed that the tyre maker’s use of the Besttone name and a similar logo of the Bridgestone tyre brand constitutes infringement of trademark. As a result, production and sales of the Besttone brand must now stop and the Chinese firm and its affiliate must pay compensation to Bridgestone.

“The Bridgestone Group is committed to protecting its intellectual property, and will continue to take aggressive action in the courts and before regulators to dispute any unauthorized use or infringement of Bridgestone trademarks or other intellectual properties,” Bridgestone said.

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