Bernard Matthews Trademarks the term ‘Oliver Twists’

Will Bernard Matthews bring back the Turkey Twizzler? Records with the Intellectual Properties Office reveal that the turkey giant applied to trademark a new brand caller Oliver Twists under class 29, which covers meat and poultry, and also under class 30, which covers a wide range of food including pies, pastries, and sandwiches. The company was tight-lipped on its application for the trademark and a spokesman of the company told that just because an application has been filed does not mean that a product will be introduced in the market.

The infamous Turkey Twizzler used to be common on school menus, but were pulled from sale nearly a decade ago following Jamie Oliver’s 2005 school dinner campaign which categorized the food as high-fat additive junk food. Bernard Matthews’ effort to re-introduce the product with a healthier recipe was not successful due to the negative publicity of the product.

The trademark for the term ‘Oliver’s Twist’ was originally held by Oliver’s TV production company ‘Fresh One’ for the purpose of broadcasting educational services, but this expired in 2013. A spokesman of the TV Company said this week that Oliver had no connection with Bernard Matthews’ Oliver Twists brand.

Bernard Matthews’ filed the application for the trademark in January of this year and the details were published in the IPO’s trademark journal on March 28, 2014. Other brand owner will now have a chance to oppose the brand before it is registered as a trademark by the IPO.

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