Bayside Loses Its Trademark Bird Logo To Mexican Company

Bayside have disclosed in a video today that they cannot use their famed trademark bird logo any longer because of a trademark infringement claim made by a Mexican telecommunications company. The iconic bird logo has been used by them since the beginning of their band, and it shows up on almost all their merchandise. The logo is also integrated into nearly every album and single produce by them.

At first many people who saw the video thought that it was an April Fools joke. PropertyOfZack quickly reacted to that by informing that the issue has been ongoing for 4 and a half years as shown by a post made by vocalist and guitarist Anthony Raneri on his Tumblr. Bayside had not trademarked their logo before. When they found that the company was using their logo, they contacted the company and asked them to stop using their logo. But in response, the company trademarked the logo for themselves before the band could get their legal team in order, thereby making it illegal for Bayside to use it. Bayside is currently designing a new logo them.

Longtime fans of the band are likely alarmed at this news, as the bird logo is a popular tattoo of enthusiastic fans, and has been a part of Bayside’s long history as a band. The band has influenced a lot of punk and pop punk bands across the nation today and the loss of their iconic logo will come as both a shock and a disappointment to their die-hard fans. The band has also informed that they are working on a new logo and will disclose more information and an image of it soon.

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