Apple file to trademark the phrase “iWatch” in Japan

Apple Inc. (AAPL), the world’s most valuable technology company has filed to trademark the phrase “iWatch” in Japan as rival Samsung Electronics Co. is getting ready to launch its own wearable computing device.

 The iPhone maker is attempting to seek protection for the name, which is listed in a category for products including “computer,” “computer peripheral,” “GPS device,” and “voice recognition software.”  The application was made public June 27, and is still being reviewed by the office.  An official at the Patent Office said the application will be subject to a formal examination for approval, a process that can take months. Takashi Takebayashi, a Tokyo-based spokesman for Apple, didn’t respond to a request for comment.

The speculation about an iWatch comes as Apple has faced increased criticism in the recent past that its innovative touch is starting to wither after a run of introducing products that defined their categories.

Sony had earlier announced the latest version of its SmartWatch, a water-proof device with NFC. The Sony watch works mainly as a peripheral for a smartphone, syncing via Bluetooth and showing alerts for services like Facebook, Twitter and email. It also can download scaled down versions of apps.

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